The iPad is an expensive device and as such need adequate protection from scratches or other impacts that could cause damage to it. In the classroom, children sometimes can be careless in handling these expensive devices and the only way to protect them is by using the iPad case. There are varieties of kid-friendly iPad cases that will withstand the rigors in the classroom and at home.

We have put together a list of our top five iPad and tablet cases for schools and education:



The Griffin Survivor is an exceptionally intense and rough case. This iPad case meets military standards for protection against extreme conditions like vibrations, impacts, dust, etc. It has high protection capability, with 6-foot drop tests proving no harm to the iPad. It is equipped with a water resistant screen defender, closed ports and elastic clothing all round the gadget to protect it against drops. It is also characterized by a display shield, which deflects rain and wind, a cushion made of silicon that absorbs vibration and a strong internal frame that protect it against drops and impacts.




Gumdrop drop tech series, has certain outstanding features like, drop protection, shock absorption, and extreme toughness. It is rough, strong, and constructed to stand a considerable measure of impact. It comes in a series of colors and is made of silicon material which aid in absorbing vibrations and shocks especially when carelessly dropped by children. The back and handle of the case is textured, and easier for children to grip. The entire case also fits well, with set patterns for the camera, switches and ports correctly set.


Trident Kraken


The Trident Kraken case is a strong and fun case from iPad, it is highly recommended for children in the classroom. It comes in different colors, and has two protective layers, an inward silicon layer that wraps around the corner of the iPad Mini, and an outer polycarbonate layer that protects to a great degree the internal layer. These two layers work together to offer outstanding protection from the unlikely drops that users normally experience. The Kraken case is equipped with convenient belt clip and also  a  screen guide on the front side of the case to shield the device from smudges, scratches, fingerprints, and moisture.


Ballistic Tough Jacket


The Ballistic tough jacket case offers three layers of protection; the flexible layer with highly fortified edges absorbs the effect of any knock or drops. Next is a hard shell, which offers additional protection, and an adjustable stand that is clipped to the back. This case is made from a combination of three different materials, which includes; tough impact resistant polycarbonate, soft silicone and the soft thermoplastic polyurethanes. The ballistic tough jacket case comes with a removable screen cover that can easily be snapped onto the back when the iPad is not in use. Its edges are also designed to suspend the screen of iPad in air when placed face down, thereby offering additional protection to the screen.




Otterbox defender is a popular iPad case, and highly protective. They are made of high-quality polycarbonate shell with sturdy silicon skin. They are designed to offer a high level of protection against shock, dust, drops and bump. Otterbox Defender also comes with a built-in screen guide, and an extra cover that serves as a stand for the iPad in an upright position. On the other hand, the Otterbox Defender will not fit in an iPad cart with this extra cover; hence, the cover would need to be put away separately in a cart situation.

The iPad case is essential and a must have for every iPad in the classroom. The use of iPad case are the best way to ensure that our kids expensive iPads last-longer and secured.

Our MultiPad cases can be configured to fit your protective cases making it effortless to combine the two products for maximum protection of your devices in transit and when in use.

Written by Sam Judson