iPad Carry Baskets

iPad Carry Baskets

The Multipad iPad Carry Basket is the perfect companion to any of our cases. These ipad baskets allow you or your students to carry up to 4 devices away from the case and to their table. The carry basket is available as an interior option to any of our iPad charge, sync and storage cases.

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MultiPad iPad Carry Baskets

The iPad carry baskets are also designed and manufactured at Protechnic’s factory near Bristol in the UK. Made using the latest aluminium panel, the baskets are very light and incredibly strong. They are designed to take four devices at a time providing enough space to hold the device and its cover. The iPad carry baskets can be used individually or can be built into any of our cases.

The MultiPad Carry Baskets are Available in 2 sizes:

  • Standard – iPad, iPad Air, android tablets and Samsung devices.
  • Mini – Designed to fit perfectly with the iPad mini range and multiPad v2 mini range.


The iPad and Tablet Carry Basket was design after receiving feedback and suggestions from our customers following the Bett Show 2015. We worked with our design team to ensure that the best possible protective transport solution could be created.

As the design process progressed and after months of prototyping the multiPad carry basket were ready to preview at The BETT Show 2016. Since then the Multipad team have refined the design and continued to improve quality and design. The carry baskets are now available as a standard addition to our case range. The JuiceIT, SyncIT and MoveIT case ranges are now designed to hold carry baskets and an optional extra.

The benefits of using device carry baskets:

  • Strong, light and durable design.
  • Effective protection when transporting and distributing devices.
  • Idea way to keep classrooms clean and tidy at the end of the day.
  • Easily divide up devices to tables.
  • Keep track of device sets.


For more information regarding the iPad and tablet carry baskets or any of our cases & transport solutions please feel free to contact our team Tel: 01275 811310

Additional information

Dimensions 140 × 220 × 300 mm
Pocket Size:

30 x 210 x 300 mm

Basket Size:

Standard, Mini


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