CS16 USB Charge and Sync Unit

CS16 USB Charge and Sync Unit

The CS16 USB Charge and Sync Unit combines the elegance of MultiPad’s design and engineering with the intelligent and powerful charge and sync capabilities of Cambrionix. This product is design to be standalone or built into one of our cases. Offering intelligent charging and synchronisation to up to 16 devices.

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CS16 USB Charge and Sync Unit

The multiPad™ CS16 USB Charge and Sync Unit is designed to simultaneously charge and sync up to 16 USB chargeable devices at the maximum charging rate. The CS16 incorporates the industry standard Cambrionix intelligent syncing and charging protocol ensuring each device is charged at the optimal rate. The internal database will ensure the correct charging profile is used for whichever device is connected. The firmware can be updated, ensuring the sync and charge capability complies with the most recent software. Through ChaSync, a free app, you are able to simultaneously charge and sync the devices rather than having to choose and switch between charging and syncing modes. The LiveView app allows you to control and monitor the CS16 remotely.

Multipad’s CS16 can be daisy chained with up to 9 units using the expansion port, enabling up to 144 devices to be synced in one process. The CS16 USB Charge and Sync Unit continually monitors the temperature of the charging operation in order to avoid overheating and will power down if it exceeds 60°C.

The CS16 charging station incorporates an LCD screen which provides continuous monitoring of the sync and charge status of the attached devices. When the devices are fully charged, the CS16 will automatically go into a power saving sleep mode.

Additional information

Dimensions 295 × 100 × 155 mm
Tablet Compartments:

30 x 205 x 260 mm

Laptop Compartment:

45 x 400 x 260 mm


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