Coiled Lightning Cable (MFI)

Coiled Lightning Cable (MFI)

The coiled lightning cables can comfortably stretch to 1.5m long, but when not in use can be tucked away. These durable cables are compliant with Apple MFi Standards, therefore work at full capacity with all Apple charging / syncing devices.

As well as being the perfect accessory to our charge or charge and sync cases, these leads are ideal for use in the home, office, car or when travelling abroad.

MFI Certified

MFI Certified

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MultiPad Coiled Lightning Cable

The MultiPad Coiled Lightning Cable has been specifically designed for MultiPad. This Coiled Lightning Cable has been through vigorous testing to make sure that it is always providing the best quality of energy output for your device.

MultiPad’s coiled cable is no run of the mill “cheap” cable that you find in the shops. The Multipad Coiled cable is Apple MFI certified, meaning it is specifically designed to work at the maximum rate with apple products.

What is MFI Certified?

Apple Inc.’s MFI Program (made for iPhone/iPad/iPod) is a licensing program for developers of hardware and peripherals that are designed to work with Apple products. The program covers various connectors such as headphone jacks, dock connectors and the lightning connector as well as AirPlay support. Companies wanting to display the Apple MFI certification must submit their product to various regulations and tests.

Non-MFI warning

Non-MFI Cable Warning

This warning indicates that the cable you are using does not meet the regulated MFI standards for working with your device.

Reasons to avoid Non-MFI certified cables:

  • Cheap chargers cut corners – if its seems too good to be true, it probably is. Cheap cables usually mean cheap components.
  • Low quality lightning cables are can be erratic with their power distribution causing irreversible damage to your devices.
  • Non-MFI leads are usually made with a cheap wire that at best will be slow to charge your device.
  • Why take the risk? messing with electrical devices is no joke. There are countless accounts of cheap chargers causing fire.

With the MultiPad Coiled Lightning Cable you are in safe hands. Our MFI Certification ensures the highest quality materials and tests are used with producing our products.


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