Cambrionix PP8S

Cambrionix PP8S

The Cambrionix PP8S is designed to charge and sync up to 8 iPads and USB devices at the same time. With its intelligent charging microchip this unit will handshake with your device and sense the correct power output for each individual port.

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Cambrionix PP8S

The Cambrionix PP8S is designed to simultaneously charge and sync up to 8 USB devices at the maximum charging rate. The syncing is achieved through a terminal interface (in the extra USB port) which also allows the user to control, monitor and update the PowerPad with the latest firmware. Through ChaSync, a free app, you are able to simultaneously charge and sync the devices rather than having to choose and switch between charging mode and syncing mode and the LiveView app allows you to control and monitor the PP8S remotely.

The unit is lightweight and can be mounted with screw fittings. It is perfect for schools, businesses and other organisations that require many devices to be charged and synced at the same time.

The Cambrionix PP8S is supplied with:

• Power supply
• Power Cord

Additional information

Dimensions 295 × 100 × 155 mm
Tablet Compartments:

30 x 205 x 260 mm

Laptop Compartment:

45 x 400 x 260 mm


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