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March 16, 2015 Our latest news No Comments

For budgets that are limited – the storage solution that isn’t.

Our team is currently in the process of developing a new unit specifically designed to utilize your charging equipment combined with our charge and store technology.

If a growing estate of iPads figures in your future and you’re wondering just how tight you’ll have to strain the budget in order to keep them all charged and securely stored – don’t worry. Protechnic has design its JuiceIt range of charge and transport solutions just for such needs.

JuiceIT is the product of the Inventive Minds at Protechnic. It combines our expertise in tough-as-they-come storage cases together with the charging unit delivered with every iPad you buy, into one, beautifully integrated solution that stores up to sixteen iPads and charges them off a single power supply.

JuiceIT is made in the UK and is attractively priced. It’s simple to set up, simple to use, it’s designed to last and built to take anything a hard life can take out of it. So before you resign yourself to complex charging rosters and less than ideal storage solutions for your iPads, take a look at JuiceIT from Protechnic.

For budgets that are limited – the storage solution that isn’t.

Although the JuiceIT is still under development if you would like to talk to our team directly about it do not hesitate to give us a call today on: 01275 811310.

Written by protechnic