Cambrionix EtherSync
March 31, 2015 Our latest news No Comments

Cambrionix EtherSync Sync and Charge Solution

The Cambrionix EtherSync lets you sync and charge your units from anywhere in the world.

Over 1 billion tablets have been sold worldwide and it’s been estimated that more than one in five tablets will be used in the commercial world by 2017.
With the increased use of tablets comes the big issue of device management.

It is just not feasible for the members of the IT department to travel across multiple sites, counties or even countries to update and manage mobile devices.

The Solution? EtherSync! This is explained in more detail in the video below.

The benefits of EtherSync include:

• Manage USB devices (such as tablets) over LAN/WAN
• Remotely manage mobile devices over Ethernet
• Replaces costly, vulnerable computers and reliance on WiFi network
• Apply OS updates and demo content remotely
• Setup and manage mobile devices
• Access tablet based advertising remotely
• Universal, supporting our Very Intelligent Charging Protocol
• A full 2.1A of charge is offered per port
• Futureproofed, user upgradeable firmware
• UL listed, CE approved

Coming soon to the MultiPad store.

Written by protechnic