1. What new products did you launch at BETT?

Our MultiPad Desktop was hot off the press this weekend! This (as the name suggests) is a desktop device allowing the simultaneous charge and sync of any device – it’s universal. In addition we’re bringing out a basket option so that if you’d prefer, you can substitute these into our cases instead of the usual tablet dividers. These are very light but incredibly durable. Furthermore, we are now offering all of our Moveit, Juiceit, and Syncit cases in a variety of colours, allowing for yet further customizability.

2. Which product got the most interest?

We got a lot of interest in many of our products – it’s impossible to choose only one. The most popular products were our new desktop unit, our baskets in the case as well as the CS16 and Series 8. The visitors to BETT all have varied requirements so it was good to see the whole scope of our product ranges get interest.

3. What is your best seller at the moment?

Our best seller is the Syncit 16 This is a very user friendly case which is also easily transportable. Not only can you charge with this product but you can also simultaneously sync. You’re also able to charge your devices while the case is closed thanks to an integral fan. There is an LED screen which displays the status of each of the ports which is viewable even when the lid of the case is closed. Additionally, you can even store your laptop in there when it’s not in use!

4. How did you find the show?

This is our third year at the show and every year it seems to get busier and better. We’re all really looking forward to what BETT 2017 brings!

5. What was your favourite thing you saw at the show?

The large format touchscreens on the CTOUCH stand were very impressive. It’ll be really interesting to see how this technology is used to further children’s education and see how they are used in different sectors.

6. What piece of technology could you not live without?

I’m an avid golfer so I couldn’t live without my distance finder.

7. What predictions do you have for technology in the coming year?

What I’d really love to see this year is faster charging of devices and/or better battery life.

Written by Sam Judson